Planet Debian, ces 60 derniers jours

lundi 18 novembre 2019

  • Russell Coker: 4K Monitors
    A couple of years ago a relative who uses a Linux workstation I support bought a 4K (4096*2160 resolution) monitor. That meant that I had to get 4K working, which was 2 years of pain for me and probably not enough benefit for them to justify it. Recently I had the opportunity to buy some 4K (...)

  • Matthew Garrett: Extending proprietary PC embedded controller firmware
    I'm still playing with my X210, a device that just keeps coming up with new ways to teach me things. I'm now running Coreboot full time, so the majority of the runtime platform firmware is free software. Unfortunately, the firmware that's running on the embedded controller (a (...)

  • Joachim Breitner: Faster Winter 1: Vectors
    (This is the first optimization presented in the “faster winter” series, please see that post for background information.) Immutable vectors The first very low hanging fruit was to be found in the Wasm.Runtime.Memory module. The memory of the Wasm module was defined as follows: (...)

dimanche 17 novembre 2019

  • Shirish Agarwal: Unbelievable
    This will be short as I have been having a touch of cold and flu over the last week. As I shared, I moved to mastodon from twitter and quite a number of people have moved on mastodon and many other instance which run mastodon. The best thing IMHO was that – a. I came to know the wide (...)

  • Wouter Verhelst: Announcing extrepo
    Debian ships with a lot of packages. This allows our users to easily install software without too much effort -- just run apt-get install foo, and foo gets installed. However, Debian does not ship with everything, and for that reason there sometimes are things that are not installable with (...)

  • Russ Allbery: Review: Rift in the Sky
    Review: Rift in the Sky, by Julie E. Czerneda Series: Stratification #3 Publisher: DAW Copyright: July 2009 ISBN: 1-101-13317-1 Format: Kindle Pages: 419 This is the third and final book of the Stratification trilogy and the bridge between it and the Trade Pact trilogy, of which it is a (...)

  • Andrew Cater: Seems like I only ever write something at CD release time ... Buster release 2 is happening round about now
    Updating CD images again for Buster release 2. I've spent a happy day chasing down various CD images and discovering my ignorance once again :) Thanks to Sledge for having me around and also to Schweer - who wasn't feeling so well. No RattusRattus or Isy this time round - that meant I (...)

samedi 16 novembre 2019

vendredi 15 novembre 2019

jeudi 14 novembre 2019

  • Uwe Kleine-K?nig: Philips Hue Bridge v2.1
    I recently bought a Hue Bridge to experiment a bit with Zigbee and 802.15.4. Following two posts for the hardware version 2.0 and some comments about the differences to version 2.1 I was able to get shell access on my 2.1 hardware. As there is up to now no complete guide I describe here, what (...)

mercredi 13 novembre 2019

  • Norbert Preining: Python 3 deprecation imminent
    OSS Journal, November 2026. In less than two month, with the end of the year 2026, Python 3 will be deprecated and will not obtain any further security updates. Despite the announcement of deprecation back in summer 2020, shortly after the deprecation of Python 2, still thousands of software (...)

mardi 12 novembre 2019

  • Dirk Eddelbuettel: RcppAnnoy 0.0.14
    A new minor release of RcppAnnoy is now on CRAN, following the previous 0.0.13 release in September. RcppAnnoy is the Rcpp-based R integration of the nifty Annoy library by Erik Bernhardsson. Annoy is a small and lightweight C++ template header library for very fast approximate nearest (...)

lundi 11 novembre 2019

  • Russ Allbery: Review: Mary Poppins
    Review: Mary Poppins, by P.L. Travers Series: Mary Poppins #1 Illustrator: Mary Shepard Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Copyright: 1934 Printing: 2014 ISBN: 0-544-57475-3 Format: Kindle Pages: 202 I read this book as part of Mary Poppins: 80th Anniversary Collection, which includes the (...)

dimanche 10 novembre 2019

  • Keith Packard: picolibc-hello-world
    Picolibc Hello World Example It's hard to get started building applications for embedded RISC-V and ARM systems. You need to at least: Find and install the toolchain Install a C library Configure the compiler for the right processor Configure the compiler to select the right headers (...)

  • Markus Koschany: My Free Software Activities in October 2019
  • Russ Allbery: Review: Happy Ever After
    Review: Happy Ever After, by Paul Dolan Publisher: Penguin Copyright: 2019 ISBN: 0-241-28445-7 Format: Kindle Pages: 186 Paul Dolan is a professor of behavioral science at the London School of Economics, but grew up a working-class kid in a council estate (UK public housing; the US equivalent (...)

  • Hideki Yamane: fontforge package update
    I've uploaded fontforge package into experimental. It needs huge changes in debian packaging. > $ git diff debian/1%20170731_dfsg-2 HEAD debian|wc -l > 2565It'll help python2 removal since it provides python3-fontforge for building font packages. Other work: follow several pacakges to (...)

  • Rodrigo Siqueira: Status Update and XDC 2019, October 2019
  • Russ Allbery: Python dataclasses and typing
    I'm going to preach the wonders of Python dataclasses, but for reasons of interested to those who have already gone down the delightful rabbit-hole of typed Python. So let me start with a quick plug for mypy if you haven't heard about it. (Warning: this is going to be a bit long.) Type (...)

samedi 9 novembre 2019

  • Dirk Eddelbuettel: Rcpp 1.0.3: More Spit and Polish
    The third maintenance release 1.0.3 of Rcpp, following up on the 10th anniversary and the 1.0.0. release both pretty much exactly one year ago, arrived on CRAN yesterday. This deserves a special shoutout to Uwe Ligges who was even more proactive and helpful than usual. Rcpp is a somewhat (...)

  • Utkarsh Gupta: Debian Activities for October 2019
    Here's my (first) monthly update about the activities I've done in Debian this October. Debian LTS This was my first month as a Debian LTS paid contributor. I was assigned 10 hours and worked on the following things: CVE Fixes and Announcements: Issued DLA 1948-1, fixing CVE-2019-13574, for (...)

jeudi 7 novembre 2019

  • Shirish Agarwal: Move from twitter to mastodon
    After last 2-3 nights of writing that blog post, was thinking that would be taking nice and easy for a while. But unfortunately, events have a habit overtaking the best of plans. Hopefully, it won't be too long. It all started innocently enough. A gentleman, a Senior advocate who advocates in (...)

  • Shirish Agarwal: A tale of unfortunate coincidences and incidents
    This would be a biggie so please relax as this is going to be a really long one. So make sure you have something to chill out with. People talk about ‘ease of doing business' or what not for quite sometime. From last few months, there has been a slow-down and due to certain issues I had (...)

  • Gunnar Wolf: Made with Creative Commons ⇒ Hecho con Creative Commons. To the printer!
    I am very happy to tell you that, around 2.5 years after starting the translation project, today we sent to the presses the Spanish translation for Creative Commons' book, Made with Creative Commons! This has been quite a feat, on many fronts — Social, technical, organizational. Of (...)

mercredi 6 novembre 2019

  • Reproducible Builds: Reproducible Builds in October 2019
  • Martina Ferrari: IkiWiki
    I haven't posted in a very long time. Not only because I suck at this, but also because IkiWiki decided to stop working with OpenID, so I can't use the web interface any more to post.. Very annoying. Already spent a good deal of time trying to find a solution, without any success.. I (...)

  • Martina Ferrari: Fun with the Linux desktop
    Or, "Why 2014 will NOT be the year of Linux in the desktop". So, it happens that my mum (66 yo) has been a Debian user for over a year now. With highs and lows, she manages to do what she needs; sometimes I need to intervene. Today I thought I could send her a quick email explaining how to (...)

  • Martina Ferrari: Fun with Linux telephony
    Continuing with my tendency to vent about stuff, today I want to talk about telephony. Since a few years ago, I need to use different VoIP providers to keep in touch with friends and family, in different parts of the world. So, I have a DID in Argentina (bought trough the excellent DIDWW), (...)

  • Martina Ferrari: Fairytale of New York
    Things I love about Ireland, partial list. This:

  • Martina Ferrari: DebConf 13
    On Sunday I arrived to DebConf 13. It has been so much fun that I didn't have the time to post anything about it! As usual, I really enjoy meeting old friends and putting faces to nick names. Last night the Cheese and Wine party was once again great. Not everything has been partying, (...)

  • Jaldhar Vyas: My Brexit Joke
    As it is Bonfire Night (aka Guy Fawkes Night) and I might not get another chance to tell it given recent events, without further ado I present my Brexit joke. Race relations in Britain have improved tremendously in recent years for Blacks and Asians but sadly bigots have a new target: the (...)

mardi 5 novembre 2019

  • Norbert Preining: SUSI.AI Smart Speaker release 20191105
    After long and painful times due to the switch to buster, we at the FOSSASIA Team finally can release a new stable build of SUSI.AI for our RaspberryPi based smart speaker. SUSI.AI aims at bringing a privacy aware personal assistant onto all of your devices. It runs on Android phones, desktop (...)

  • Russ Allbery: Review: Cold Steel
    Review: Cold Steel, by Kate Elliott Series: Spiritwalker #3 Publisher: Orbit Copyright: June 2013 ISBN: 0-316-21515-5 Format: Kindle Pages: 597 Cold Steel is the third book in the closely-linked Spiritwalker trilogy. This is one long, sprawling story rather than separable books. If you want to (...)

lundi 4 novembre 2019

dimanche 3 novembre 2019

  • Ben Hutchings: Debian LTS work, October 2019
    I was assigned 22.75 hours of work by Freexian's Debian LTS initiative. I worked almost all those hours this month, but will carry over 0.5 hours to November. I prepared and, after review, released Linux 3.16.75, including various important fixes. I then rebased the Debian package onto (...)

  • Chris Lamb: Tour d'Orwell: No. 1 South End Road
  • Urvika Gola: Grace Hopper Celebration'19, Orlando
  • Jonathan Carter: Free Software Activities (2019-10)
    Bits and pieces AIMS Desktop talk: On the 1st of October I gave a talk at AIMS titled “Why AIMS Desktop?” where I talked about the Debian-based system we use at AIMS, and went into some detail about what Linux is, what Debian is, and why it's used within the AIMS network. I really (...)

  • Thorsten Alteholz: My Debian Activities in October 2019
    FTP master This month I accepted 257 packages and rejected 17. The overall number of packages that got accepted was 314. Debian LTS This was my sixty fourth month that I did some work for the Debian LTS initiative, started by Raphael Hertzog at Freexian. This month my all in all workload (...)

  • Steinar H. Gunderson: Chess960 opening recalculation
    Congratulations to Wesley So as the very first official Chess960 world champion! A while back, I set Stockfish to analyze every opening position in Chess960 (also knows as Fischer Random chess, or Fischerandom, or several other names). For the World Championship, I redid this analysis with a (...)

  • Russell Coker: KMail Crashing and LIBGL
    One problem I've had recently on two systems with NVideo video cards is KMail crashing (SEGV) while reading mail. Sometimes it goes for months without having problems, and then it gets into a state where reading a few messages (or sometimes reading one particular message) causes a crash. The (...)

samedi 2 novembre 2019

  • Dirk Eddelbuettel: binb 0.0.5: More improvements
    The fifth release of the binb package just arrived on CRAN. binb regroups four rather nice themes for writing LaTeX Beamer presentations much more easily in (R)Markdown. As a teaser, a quick demo combining all four themes follows; documentation and examples are in the package. This release (...)

vendredi 1er novembre 2019

  • Jonathan Dowland: ∑(No,12k,Lg,17Mif) New Order + Liam Gillick: So It Goes..
    For the Manchester International Festival in 2017, New Order teamed up with visual designer Liam Gillick to conceive of a new and very visual way of presenting their material. They performed a short run of concerts with a 12-piece accompanying "synth orchestra", housed in a specially designed (...)

  • Mike Gabriel: My Work on Debian LTS/ELTS (October 2019)
    In October 2019, I have worked on the Debian LTS project for 11.75 hours (of 11.75 hours planned) and on the Debian ELTS project for 0 hours (of 5 hours planned) as a paid contributor. I have given back those 5 ELTS hours to the pool. LTS Work Work on a pre-OpenSSL-1.0.2 patch, adding hostname (...)

  • Steve Kemp: Keeping a simple markdown work-log, via emacs
    For the past few years I've been keeping a work-log of everything I do. I don't often share these, though it is sometimes interesting to be able to paste into a chat-channel "Oh on the 17th March I changed that .." I've had a couple of different approaches but for the past few (...)


17 mai 2007 - Du GigaPixels sur IPsyn !

Depuis quelques jours IPsyn héberge la plus grosse image numérique au monde : (...)

22 mars 2005 - Cable reseau "perime"

Nous avons, ce soir (21/03/2005), ete victime du fameux probleme du cable RJ45 "perime". Apres (...)

13 mars 2005 - Perte de notre serveur de fichier

Nous avons perdu, vers 16h00 ce samedi 12 mars 2005, notre serveur de fichier sur lequel etait (...)

26 décembre 2004 - Exploitation d’une faille dans phpBB

Ipsyn n’aura pas ete epargne par la failel sur le forum phpBB (j’imae pas le forums (...)

7 janvier 2004 - Problème sur notre serveur mysql

Pour une raison indeterminee notre serveur mysql refuse de repartir. Nous basculons toutes les (...)