Planet Debian, ces 60 derniers jours

dimanche 30 juin 2019

  • Matthew Garrett: Which smart bulbs should you buy (from a security perspective)
    People keep asking me which smart bulbs they should buy. It's a great question! As someone who has, for some reason, ended up spending a bunch of time reverse engineering various types of lightbulb, I'm probably a reasonable person to ask. So. There are four primary communications (...)

  • Chris Lamb: Free software activities in June 2019
    Here is my monthly update covering what I have been doing in the free software world during June 2019 (previous month): Fixed in issue in my Python wrapper around Daniel Silverstone's libgfshare library that implements Shamir's method for secret sharing, a technique to split a "secret" (...)

  • Dirk Eddelbuettel: RProtoBuf 0.4.14
    A new release 0.4.14 of RProtoBuf is arriving at CRAN. RProtoBuf provides R with bindings for the Google Protocol Buffers (“ProtoBuf”) data encoding and serialization library used and released by Google, and deployed very widely in numerous projects as a language and (...)

  • Ben Hutchings: Debian LTS work, June 2019
    I was assigned 17 hours of work by Freexian's Debian LTS initiative and worked all those hours this month. I applied a number of security fixes to Linux 3.16, including those for the TCP denial-of-service vulnerabilities. I uploaded the updated package to jessie and issued DLA-1823. I (...)

  • Russ Allbery: DocKnot 3.00
    This package started as only a documentation generator, but my goal for some time has been to gather together all of the tools and random scripts I use to maintain my web site and free software releases. This release does a bunch of internal restructuring to make it easier to add new commands, (...)

  • Keith Packard: snekboard

samedi 29 juin 2019

  • Dirk Eddelbuettel: rvw 0.6.0: First release
    Note: Crossposted by Ivan, James and myself. Today Dirk Eddelbuettel, James Balamuta and Ivan Pavlov are happy to announce the first release of a reworked R interface to the Vowpal Wabbit machine learning system. Started as a GSoC 2018 project, the new rvw package was built to give R users (...)

  • Russell Coker: Long-term Device Use
    It seems to me that Android phones have recently passed the stage where hardware advances are well ahead of software bloat. This is the point that desktop PCs passed about 15 years ago and laptops passed about 8 years ago. For just over 15 years I've been avoiding buying desktop PCs, the (...)

  • Gunnar Wolf: Updates from Raspberrypi-land
    Yay! I was feeling sad and depressed because it's already late June... And I had not had enough time to get the unofficial Debian Buster Raspberry preview images booting on the entry-level models of the family (Broadcom 2835-based Raspberries 1A, 1B, 0 and 0W). But, this morning I found a (...)

  • Bits from Debian: Diversity and inclusion in Debian: small actions and large impacts
    The Debian Project always has and always will welcome contributions from people who are willing to work on a constructive level with each other, without discrimination. The Diversity Statement and the Code of Conduct are genuinely important parts of our community, and over recent years some (...)

vendredi 28 juin 2019

  • Daniel Kahn Gillmor: Community Impact of OpenPGP Certificate Flooding
    Community Impact of OpenPGP Certificate Flooding I wrote yesterday about a recent OpenPGP certificate flooding attack, what I think it means for the ecosystem, and how it impacted me. This is a brief followup, trying to zoom out a bit and think about why it affected me emotionally the way that (...)

  • Mike Gabriel: List Open Files for a Running Application/Service
    This is merely a little reminder for myself: for pid in `ps -C -o pid=`; do ls -l "/proc/$pid/fd"; done On Linux, this returns a list of file handles being held open by all instances of . Update (2019-06-27): Martin Schuster suggested an even nicer (and regarding the output seemingly a more (...)

  • Daniel Kahn Gillmor: OpenPGP Certificate Flooding
    OpenPGP Certificate Flooding My public cryptographic identity has been spammed to the point where it is unusable in standard workflows. This blogpost talks about what happened, what I'm doing about it, and what it means for the broader ecosystem. If you work with me and you use OpenPGP (...)

  • Daniel Kahn Gillmor: OpenPGP Certificate Flooding
    OpenPGP Certificate Flooding My public cryptographic identity has been spammed to the point where it is unusable in standard workflows. This blogpost talks about what happened, what I'm doing about it, and what it means for the broader ecosystem. If you work with me and you use OpenPGP (...)

  • Kees Cook: package hardening asymptote

mercredi 26 juin 2019

  • Matrix on Debian blog: June 2019 Matrix on Debian update
    This is an update on the state of Matrix-related software in Debian. Synapse Unfortunately, the recently published Synapse 1.0 didn't make it into Debian Buster, which is due to be released next week, so if you install 0.99.2 from Buster, you need to update to a newer version which will be (...)

  • Sam Hartman: AH/DAM/DPL Meet Up
    All the members of the Antiharassment team met with the Debian Account Managers and the DPL in that other Cambridge— the one with proper behaviour, not the one where pounds are weight and not money. I was nervous. I was not part of decision making earlier this year around code of conduct (...)

  • Jonathan McDowell: Support your local Hackerspace
    My first Hackerspace was Noisebridge. It was full of smart and interesting people and I never felt like I belonged, but I had just moved to San Francisco and it had interesting events, like 5MoF, and provided access to basic stuff I hadn't moved with me, like a soldering iron. While I was never (...)

mardi 25 juin 2019

lundi 24 juin 2019

dimanche 23 juin 2019

  • Dirk Eddelbuettel: binb 0.0.4: Several nice improvements
    The fourth release of the binb package just arrived on CRAN. binb regroups four rather nice themes for writing LaTeX Beamer presentations much more easily in in (R)Markdown. As a teaser, a quick demo combining all four themes follows; documentation and examples are in the package. This release (...)

vendredi 21 juin 2019

  • Simon Josefsson: OpenPGP smartcard under GNOME on Debian 10 Buster
    Debian buster is almost released, and today I celebrate midsummer by installing (a pre-release) of it on my Lenovo X201 laptop. Everything went smooth, except for the usual issues with smartcards under GNOME. I use a FST-01G running Gnuk, but the same issue apply to all OpenPGP cards including (...)

  • Candy Tsai: Outreachy Week 5: What is debci?
    The theme for this week in Outreachy is “Think About Your Audience”. So I'm currently thinking about you. Or not? After being asked sooo many times what am I doing for this internship, I think I never explained it well enough so that others could understand. Let me give it a try (...)

  • Sven Hoexter: logstash json filter error
    If you've a logstash filter that contains a json filter/decoding step like filter json source => "log" this, and you end up with an error message like that: [2019-06-21T09:47:58,243][WARN ][logstash.filters.json ] Error parsing json :source=>"log", (...)

jeudi 20 juin 2019

  • Mathieu Parent: Announcing GitLabracadabra 0.2.1
    Hello all, Mid-October I started at work a tool in Python to create and update our projects hosted in our GitLab instance. I have now reworked and published this tool called GitLabracadabra. This tool is still very young and documentation is sparse, but following the “release early, (...)

  • Louis-Philippe V?ronneau: membernator -- validate membership cards
    I currently work part-time for student unions in Montreal and they often have large general assemblies (more than 2000 people). As you can likely figure out by yourself, running through paper lists to validate people's identity is a real PITA and takes quite a long time. For example, even (...)

mercredi 19 juin 2019

mardi 18 juin 2019

  • Dirk Eddelbuettel: anytime 0.3.4
    A new minor release of the anytime package is arriving on CRAN. This is the fifteenth release, and first since the 0.3.3 release in November. anytime is a very focused package aiming to do just one thing really well: to convert anything in integer, numeric, character, factor, ordered, … (...)

  • Steinar H. Gunderson: 0 bytes left
    Around 2003–2004, a friend and I wrote a softsynth that was used in a 64 kB intro. Now, 14 years later, cTrix and Pselodux picked it up and made a really cool 32 kB tune with it! Who would have thought. (For the record, the synth plus the original Nemesis tune fit under 16 kB given the (...)


17 mai 2007 - Du GigaPixels sur IPsyn !

Depuis quelques jours IPsyn héberge la plus grosse image numérique au monde : (...)

22 mars 2005 - Cable reseau "perime"

Nous avons, ce soir (21/03/2005), ete victime du fameux probleme du cable RJ45 "perime". Apres (...)

13 mars 2005 - Perte de notre serveur de fichier

Nous avons perdu, vers 16h00 ce samedi 12 mars 2005, notre serveur de fichier sur lequel etait (...)

26 décembre 2004 - Exploitation d’une faille dans phpBB

Ipsyn n’aura pas ete epargne par la failel sur le forum phpBB (j’imae pas le forums (...)

7 janvier 2004 - Problème sur notre serveur mysql

Pour une raison indeterminee notre serveur mysql refuse de repartir. Nous basculons toutes les (...)