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dimanche 22 mars 2020

  • Emmanuel Kasper: Big Iron UNIX emulated on ARM
    I have somewhere in the basement a DEC Vax workstation, but in the end it was a bigger fun to run an emulated Vax 11/780 (size of two refrigerators) in Beagle Bone Black (size of a big matchbox). For this I used the Dockerfiles available in this git repo using the simh emulator, and tweaked a (...)

  • Junichi Uekawa: Tokyo Debian Monthly Meeting.
    Tokyo Debian Monthly Meeting. This month's event was held online, and the topic was about online conferencing tools. I gave a talk over Google Hangouts on using OBS and nginx(rtmp). However we had 15 people and exceeded the limit of 10, and tried to switch to a different infrastructure (...)

vendredi 20 mars 2020

  • Molly de Blanc: Seven hundred words on Internet access
    I wrote this a few months ago, and never published it. Here you go. In the summer of 2017, I biked from Boston, MA to Montreal, QC. I rode across Massachusetts, then up the New York/Vermont border, weaving between the two states over two days. I spent the night in Washington County, NY at a (...)

  • Louis-Philippe V?ronneau: Today (March 20th 2020) is the day to buy music on Bandcamp
    Hey folks, This is a quick blog post to tell you Bandcamp is waiving all their fees on March 20th 2020 (PST). Spread the word, as every penny spent on the platform that day will go back to the artists. COVID-19 is throwing us all a mean curveball and artists have it especially rough, (...)

jeudi 19 mars 2020

  • Dirk Eddelbuettel: RProtoBuf 0.4.16: Now with JSON
    A new release 0.4.16 of RProtoBuf is now on CRAN. RProtoBuf provides R with bindings for the Google Protocol Buffers (“ProtoBuf”) data encoding and serialization library used and released by Google, and deployed very widely in numerous projects as a language and operating-system (...)

  • John Goerzen: COVID-19 is serious for all ages. Treat it like WWII
    Today I'd like to post a few updates about COVID-19 which I have gathered from credible sources, as well as some advice also gathered from credible sources. Summary Coronavirus causes health impacts requiring hospitalization in a significant percentage of all adult age groups. Coronavirus also (...)

mercredi 18 mars 2020

  • Dirk Eddelbuettel: RcppCCTZ 0.2.7
    A new release 0.2.7 of RcppCCTZ is now at CRAN. RcppCCTZ uses Rcpp to bring CCTZ to R. CCTZ is a C++ library for translating between absolute and civil times using the rules of a time zone. In fact, it is two libraries. One for dealing with civil time: human-readable dates and times, and one (...)

  • Mike Gabriel: #FlattenTheCurve
    Today's address to the public by the German chancellor. I am totally chiming in with here. Please all across the world, help to #FlattenTheCurve: light+love & sei gesund! (...)

  • Norbert Preining: Fixing mate-terminal URL highlighting
    One of the recent updates in Debian swept in changes so that mate-terminal couldn't highlight URLs anymore (Debian bug report, upstream bug report). I got so fed up with this that I fixed it and send a pull request. Update Debian packages for amd64 Debian/sid are in my usual repo at (...)

  • Antoine Beaupr?: How can I trust this git repository?

mardi 17 mars 2020

  • Mike Gabriel: Time for home office! Time for X2Go?
    Most of us IT people should be in home office by now. If not, make sure you'll arrange that with your employers, cooperation partners, contractors, etc. Please help flatten the curve. X2Go as your Home Office solution If your computer at work runs a GNU/Linux desktop and you can SSH into (...)

  • Dirk Eddelbuettel: Rcpp 1.0.4: Lots of goodies
  • Norbert Preining: Brave broken (on Debian?)
    Update a few hours later: an update came in, version 1.7.62, which fixed this misbehavior!!!! I have been using the Brave browser now for many months without any problem, in particular I use the -dev version, which is rather on the edge of development. Unfortunately, either due to Linux kernel (...)

lundi 16 mars 2020

  • Steinar H. Gunderson: WFH tip: Xpra
    Norway is going into lockdown over Covid-19. Everybody is encouraged to WFH if possible, all organized sports (indoors and outdoors) is prohibited, schools and univerisities are closed… Like many others, I live in quasi-quarantine. I organize my life around new routines, which give life (...)

  • Bits from Debian: Official communication channels for Debian
    From time to time, we get questions in Debian about our official channels of communication and questions about the Debian status of who may own similarly named websites. The main Debian website is our primary medium of communication. Those seeking information about current (...)

  • Matthias Klumpp: Maintain release info easily in MetaInfo/Appdata files
    This article isn't about anything “new”, like the previous ones on AppStream – it rather exists to shine the spotlight on a feature I feel is underutilized. From conversations it appears that the reason simply is that people don't know that it exists, and of course that's a (...)

  • Ulrike Uhlig: Deconstructing the term ?control freak?
  • Enrico Zini: News and politics links
    Theresa Kachindamoto - Wikipedia empowerment people politics 2020-03-16 Theresa Kachindamoto is the paramount chief, or Inkosi, of the Dedza District in the central region of Malawi. She has informal authority over more than 900,000 people. She is known for her forceful action in (...)

dimanche 15 mars 2020

samedi 14 mars 2020

  • John Goerzen: It Doesn't Take Much to Make Someone's Day
    In times like these, it is natural to fear. Viruses, incompetent leadership, economic hardship, even death. But remember this: When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, “Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.” (...)

  • Dirk Eddelbuettel: RcppAPT 0.0.6
    A new version of RcppAPT – our interface from R to the C++ library behind the awesome apt, apt-get, apt-cache, … commands and their cache powering Debian, Ubuntu and the like – is now on CRAN. RcppAPT allows you to query the (Debian or Ubuntu) package dependency graph at (...)

vendredi 13 mars 2020

jeudi 12 mars 2020

  • Julien Danjou: One year of Mergify
    It has been close to a year now that I've incorporated my new company, Mergify. I've been busy, and I barely wrote anything about it so far. Now is an excellent time to take a break and reflect a bit on what happened during those last 12 months.What problem does Mergify solve? Mergify (...)

  • Russell Coker: Coronavirus and Work
    Currently the big news issue is all about how to respond to Coronavirus. The summary of the medical situation is that it's going to spread exponentially (as diseases do) and that it has a period of up to 6 days of someone being infectious without having symptoms. So you can get a lot of (...)

mercredi 11 mars 2020

  • Dirk Eddelbuettel: AsioHeaders 1.12.2-1
    An updated minor version of the AsioHeaders package arrived on CRAN today. Asio provides a cross-platform C++ library for network and low-level I/O programming. It is also included in Boost – but requires linking when used as part of Boost. This standalone version of Asio is a header-only (...)

  • Riku Voipio: This is the year not to fly
    If you have to choose one year when you won't fly, this year, 2020, is the one to choose. Why? Because CORSIA. What the heck is CORSIA? CORSIA is not a novel virus, but "Carbon Offsetting and Reduction Scheme for International Aviation". In a nutshell, the aviation industry says they will (...)

  • Rapha?l Hertzog: Keeping Debian 8 Jessie alive for longer than 5 years
    Just like we did for Debian 7 Wheezy, some of the paid Debian LTS contributors will continue to maintain Debian 8 Jessie after its 5 years of support as part of Freexian's Extended LTS service. This service works differently than regular LTS: only the packages used by the sponsors are (...)

  • Steve Kemp: Goodbye twitter
    I was slow to start using twitter, but found it a lot of fun. Often it would be useful at times when websites were slow; I'd hop to the website and search "edinburgh network", "github down", or "helsinki outage" and find live updates as people disclosed problems before the appropriate (...)

  • Axel Beckert: Backup over Tor with BackupPC
    I have a Raspberry Pi at my parents home. They have internet access via some ISP using Carrier Grade NAT (CGN). Hence their home router is not reachable via IPv4 from the outside, they do have IPv6 and the devices can also be made accessible via IPv6 via the local router. Did that, was able to (...)

  • Markus Koschany: My Free Software Activities in February 2020
  • Antoine Beaupr?: Font changes
    I have worked a bit on the fonts I use recently. From the main font I use every day in my text editor and terminals to this very website, I did a major and (hopefully) thoughtful overhaul of my typography, in the hope of making things easier to use and, to be honest, just prettier. Editor and (...)

  • Enrico Zini: COVID-19 links
    COVID-19 #CoronaVirus Infographic Datapack — Information is Beautiful chart health 2020-03-11 COVID-19 Infographic Datapack, Regularly updated European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control - COVID-19 chart health 2020-03-11 European Centre for Disease (...)

mardi 10 mars 2020

  • Utkarsh Gupta: Debian Activities for February 2020
    Here's my (fifth) monthly update about the activities I've done in Debian this February. Debian LTS This was my fifth month as a Debian LTS paid contributor. I was assigned 20.00 hours and worked on the following things: CVE Fixes and Announcements: Issued DLA 2095-1, fixing CVE-2020-7040, for (...)

  • Sam Hartman: Forged Email
    Last night, a series of forged emails was sent to a number of places around the Debian, Ubuntu and Free Software communities. The meat of the mail was a fake message from me to debian-private with the subject "DebConf19 Diversity Girls." I didn't write such a message. I view this message as (...)

lundi 9 mars 2020

  • Enrico Zini: Self perception links
    Self-handicapping - Wikipedia empowerment 2020-03-09 Self-handicapping is a cognitive strategy by which people avoid effort in the hopes of keeping potential failure from hurting self-esteem.[1] It was first theorized by Edward E. Jones and Steven Berglas,[2] according to whom (...)

dimanche 8 mars 2020

  • Dirk Eddelbuettel: RcppAnnoy 0.0.16
    A new release 0.0.16 of RcppAnnoy is available via the Github-hosted R Repository (ghrr). Edit a good two hours later: And wonder of wonders, now also on CRAN. It remains in limbo at CRAN for no apparent reason. No change appears to be imminent either as the CRAN maintainers continue to play a (...)

  • Ulrike Uhlig: Implementing feedback into our work culture
    Everywhere I worked in the past, the only feedback that was asked of employees was during a yearly evaluation meeting. These meetings always felt to me like talking to Santa Claus and his Knecht Ruprecht. I was asked: Were you a good employee last year? If yes, we might give you a raise. If no, (...)

  • Lisandro Dami?n Nicanor P?rez Meyer: Qt 4 removed from Debian Sid (unstable)
    The day has finally arrived: Qt 4 is no longer part of Debian unstable. It's gone. Thanks should go to many people. You know who you are, and I really appreciate the support and time you put into this. **Thanks**

samedi 7 mars 2020

  • Julian Andres Klode: APT 2.0 released
    After brewing in experimental for a while, and getting a first outing in the Ubuntu 19.10 release; both as 1.9, APT 2.0 is now landing in unstable. 1.10 would be a boring, weird number, eh? Compared to the 1.8 series, the APT 2.0 series features several new features, as well as improvements in (...)

  • Fran?ois Marier: Fixing MariaDB InnoDB errors after upgrading to MythTV 30
    After upgrading to MythTV 30 and MariaDB 10.3.18 on Debian buster, I noticed the following errors in my logs: Jan 14 02:00:05 hostname mysqld[846]: 2020-01-14 2:00:05 62 [Warning] InnoDB: Cannot add field `rating` in table `mythconverg`.`internetcontentarticles` because after adding it, the row (...)

  • Matthias Klumpp: Introducing the MetaInfo Creator
    This year's FOSDEM conference was a lot of fun – one of the things I always enjoy most about this particular conference (besides having some of the outstanding food you can get in Brussels and meeting with friends from the free software world) is the ability to meet a large range of new (...)

vendredi 6 mars 2020

mercredi 4 mars 2020

  • Noah Meyerhans: Daily VM image builds are available from the cloud team
    Did you know that the cloud team generates daily images for buster, bullseye, and sid? They're available for download from and are published to Amazon EC2 and Microsoft Azure. This is done both to exercise our image generation infrastructure, and also to facilitate testing of (...)

  • Steinar H. Gunderson: Random STL wishlist
    Things I wish the C++ STL had (without having to pull in Boost or similar), in random order: unordered_map with a fixed size, and LRU expiry. nth_element that can interpolate linearly (for percentiles). A way to automatically generate operator for C++20. A way to compare integers and doubles (...)

  • Dirk Eddelbuettel: RcppSimdJson 0.0.3: Second Update!
    Following up on both the initial RcppSimdJson release and the first update, the second update release 0.0.3 arrived on CRAN yesterday. RcppSimdJson wraps the fantastic simdjson library by Daniel Lemire which is truly impressive. Via some very clever algorithmic engineering to obtain largely (...)

  • Norbert Preining: Okular and restoration of tabs (plus Debian packages)
    I have the need to restore my okular tab setup on restart, since I often have quite a lot of pdfs open to view at the same time. Unfortunately, the current okular doesn't provide this feature. There is a merge request by one of the main authors of okular, but it doesn't work for me in a (...)


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